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Herbal Wormer & Eye Health Support Herbs (Uveitis/Glaucoma)

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Mare, Foal, Stallion, Senior Zyme,

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ESR Equine-Zyme HERBAL WORMER- Horses

Item No. 8 oz size ESR Uveitis Blend (enough for one horse for 2 months)

Item No. 1 lb. size ESR Uveitis Blend
(enough for 1 horse for 4 months or a little longer)

Item No. 2 lb. size ESR Uveitis Blend

Fed for five days, during the full moon cycle each month.

Yes it is safe for pregnant mares and for foals as well

parasites are more active during the full moon so for best results suggested for use then -

Our Equine Herbal Wormer contains a blend of 12 specific herbs, along with two secret natural ingredients
that can help to prevent &/or expel several varieties of equine parasites. We have also added
other digestive friendly herbs and beta glucan to enhance digestive health. Some horses have
been on this blend for over 18 months, and thier owner's have not used any chemical wormers
and their fecal test come back clean!

Safe to use for horses who are prone to laminitis and founder.

Horses really do not need to be "chemically" wormed every 6 weeks, it disturbs their digestive
health leading to other health related problems and a lack of absorption of nutrients in their hay and feed stuffs.

The 8 oz. size of our herbal wormer will usually be enough for a two month supply for one horse.
It is fed for 5 days of the month, and the horses love the herbs!

Contains: Fennel, garlic, hyssop, hops, wormwood, thyme, pumpkin seeds, sage, blue vervain, stevia,
beta glucan 1,3 1,6, olive leaf, pau d'arco, red clover (all in powder form).

Options Equine Herbal Wormer

Item No. 8 Ounce ESR Herbal Wormer - $20.00

Item No. 1 Pound - ESR Herbal Wormer $35.00

Item No. 2 Pounds - ESR Herbal Wormer $65.00

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"Natural Parasite Control" article you can get more information on using herbs for worming instead of chemicals.

Natural Parasite Control - Herbs by Mother Nature
As Published in March 2005 Natural Horse Talk Newsletter
By Jessica Lynn, Earth Song Ranch©

Using chemical worming agents on a regular schedule could be harming your horse, even more than the parasites/worms
themselves by
compromising his immune system as well as his "natural digestive defenses" against them.
Frequent chemical worming can even be contributing to new invasions of parasites by altering his intestinal environment.

It is true that internal parasites can be silent killers, which may cause internal damage if not controlled. They can
lower your horse's resistance by robbing him of valuable nutrients, which would normally be used to maintain his
immune system at healthy levels. In some cases a parasitic infestation may even cause gastrointestinal irritations
such as non-specific colic or colic like symptoms, ulcers or ulcer like sores.

However, the question begs to be asked: When did we all seem to buy into the frequent paste worming protocol
without first questioning whether or not our horse actually had a parasite problem? Who was it that convinced us
that our horses really needed a paste wormer on a 6-8 week basis all year long? How often have we/you/me really
checked the parasite load before giving a chemical wormer?

Proactive Rather Than Reactive Approach

Since many parasites are primarily transferred through manure from an infected horse
and ingested while feeding, using a ground level feeder along with cleaning stalls, corrals,
and even pastures at least once per day is just one
part of a pro-active parasite management plan.

Many of my customers are asking for a non-chemical, alternative way to either prevent
a parasitic infestation or to treat their horses for suspected parasitic problems;
so that they
are not compromising their horse's immune and digestive systems with a toxic daily wormer
or using a paste wormer an every 4 to 8 weeks.

I was raised with alternative medicine and practice it with my own animals. Having said that,
there may be a time and a place for "traditional chemical wormers" in any alternative program
if the need arises. However, I am not suggesting that they be given in the "traditional" and suggested
manner and instead depends on the health & age of the horse, if there is a medium to high egg count
or obvious signs, and how your stable management program is run.

Immune System is the Key

The horse's immune system holds the key to his body's health; it protects the horse's body against viruses,
bacteria, fungi, parasites, etc. It is a miraculous and complex network of organs that contain cells that recognize
& destroy foreign invaders and those cells are nourished by his ability to uptake all of the necessary nutrients
from his feedstuffs.
Good horse nutrition is the key.

Some horses, because of age, chronic infection, poor nutrition, stress, over vaccination, over use of
chemical wormers, or over exposure to environmental toxins (chemical fly sprays, insecticides and
pesticides on their hay) have a compromised immune system, usually resulting from a compro-mised
digestive system which leaves them more susceptible to parasitic infestations, viruses and other infections.

The most common sources of digestive disturbances in horses are caused by stress, which may be brought
on by: sudden changes, unseasonable weather conditions, moving, competition, training, psychological stress
of travel & showing, chemical worming, parasitic infestations, vaccines, viruses & antibiotics; breeding,
mares in foal, foaling, and weaning (both mare and foal). Stress can also be created by alterations of
weather, environment, feeds and water. Although the effects may not show up immediately, a horse's
beneficial intestinal bacteria can be destroyed or depleted during these times. Without the beneficial intestinal
bacteria, food passes through the system and is not "fermented" in the way it was intended. This partially

undigested food passing through the gastro-intestinal tract may then lead to situations such as colic, bloat,
founder or increases the possibility of developing feed related allergic conditions.

Gut Bacteria; Foe or Friend

There are three kinds of "gut bacteria"; good, neutral & bad and the horse needs a balance. As long as
the balance of "good & bad" bacteria remains constant and the gastro-intestinal tract is stable, the horse
remains healthy. When the balance is upset, parasites then gain entry and can move right in to set up
housekeeping. The horse will eat but may not be able to digest properly or assimilate the nutrients he needs
from his food to maintain a healthy immune system. The intestinal flora becomes compromised and instead
of being able to maintain a hostile environment to parasites, it then becomes a welcoming one. It may begin
to show up as a dull coat, skin conditions, inability to maintain weight, slow foot growth or other medical
conditions including diarrhea.

Supplementing your horse with an equine friendly "blend" of probiotics provides an excellent way of limiting
the number of harmful bacteria, parasitic infestations and pathogens in the digestive system
, thereby limiting
their effects on the horse's overall health and well-being.
All horses benefit from a well-balanced, concentrated,
probiotics/digestive enzyme supplement
added to their daily feed ration because they all share common "stress" factors.

Horse specific digestive enzymes coupled with the probiotic supplementation found in the Earth Song Ranch "Equine-Zyme"
is one way of encouraging the proliferation of certain "good" (beneficial) bacteria to keep the bad in check and
work in concert with the digestive process. When fed on a regular basis it helps to create a hostile gut environment
for parasites.
A daily 10gram scoop of Equine-Zyme along with a once monthly Herbal Wormer is an efficient parasite
prevention program which not only boosts your horse's immune system
by providing him with organic minerals,
garlic and other nutrient rich ingredients, it also is provides him the ability to increase the bio-available nutrient
absorption from his daily feed rations.

The Power of Nature

There are a variety of seeds and herbs that when blended together and given for five days monthly, preferably
during a full moon cycle, will not only help to expel any parasites the horse may have picked up, but will also
assist in destroying most parasites. I have also found that if you also feed a concentrated garlic powder, beginning
in early spring along with the Equine-Zyme, it gives the effect of not only being anti-parasitic but can also help
repel flying insects. There are a number of "Anathematic herbs" which fall into different categories; some
herbs may have several classes of action in the body and some have a combination of the following properties:

· Vermicides- Kill worms in the gut or elsewhere
· Vermifuges- Expel the dead worms and any associated debris from the body

The difference between expelling and actual killing the parasites can depend on the herb used, dosage given
and how often it is administered. Anthelmintic herbs can be very toxic in nature and should not be randomly
used nor fed to any animal or person unless properly mixed and prepared by a qualified herbalist or vet doing
alternative practice.
Herbal products meant for human should not be used on your horses, as most contain
Black Walnut which is very toxic and can be lethal to your horse.

Some of the vermicide and vermifuge type herbs that are found in the
Earth Song Ranch Herbal Wormer are:

Wormwood: Is one of the most bitter herbs and is best used as a part of a natural worming mixture.
It is used not only against threadworms but also round worms. Wormwood is an excellent Anthelmintic
and also an effective tonic for the whole digestive system.

Fennel Seed: Is a liver herb which works to help balance horses with either poor or voracious appetites.
It is historically used as a part of an herbal worming mixture, as some parasites are known to reside in the liver.

Cayenne: Helps to set up a hostile environment for parasites.

Pumpkin Seeds: Are noted for expelling tapeworms from the body. Pumpkins seeds are rich in nutrients
which can assist in removing large quantities of uric acid in the urine. They also contain an amino acid-cucurbitin
giving these seeds their anthelmintic actions.

Garlic: Garlic is a natural antibiotic. It is anti-microbial, anti-parasitic, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial.
Garlic is useful against round worms, tapeworms, pinworms, and hookworms.

Thyme: Contains anthelmintic properties and is ideal for digestive complaints, including colic.

Hyssop: This herb's therapeutic actions are due to its natural essential oil which has anthelmintic properties.

Blue Vervain: Is used to help strengthen and restore the nervous system, particularly after an illness or
for any liver complaints which might be caused by parasites.

Red Clover: Red Clover is high in Copper and Cobalt and is considered to be anti-fungal, anti-viral herb,
and may have anti-parasitic properties. It has been shown to be effective against red-worms also known
as bloodworms or large Strongyles.

Olive Leaf: Research and clinical experience to date is showing that it may be beneficial in the treatment
for conditions caused by or associated with, a virus, retrovirus, bacterium, or protozoan
(It is also a useful herb in the treatment of EPM).

Green Stevia: Is a natural sweetener and has premium soluble fiber that selectively nourishes the friendly
bacteria (lactobacillus and bifidobacteria) in the intestines.

Along with added Beta Glucan 1,3 1,6: Virucidal, fungicidal, bacterialcidal.

However, it is not good enough to just feed an herbal wormer on a monthly basis, as a preventative
approach is also necessary including fecal exams and a good stable & ranch management plan to
help prevent a parasitic infestation in taking place.

Fecal tests, preferably a quantitative (demonstrates a specific count in eggs per gram) rather
than qualitative (simply shows the presence or absence of eggs), can be done on a regular basis
to see if your horse does or is beginning to have a parasite load. You can do it yourself with a $50
microscope, a McMaster slide and some instruction from your vet on what to look for. Or your
local vet may do fecal tests for you. My personal goal this year is to buy a microscope to do fecal
tests on my own horses so there is no guesswork about using a chemical wormer.

Good preventative management practices should also include the following:

1. If possible, rotate animals on pastures, allowing other grazing animals such as goats, sheep, lamas,
or other farm animals to graze them, thereby interrupting the life cycle of the parasites.

2. Maintain a flock of free-range chickens which assist in natural control of parasites, eggs, and
fly larva, and have the benefit of giving back natural tasting eggs.

3. Group horses by age to reduce exposure to certain parasites and maximize the de-worming programs
for susceptible animals, i.e. foals, weanlings and yearlings.

4. Keep the number of horses per acre to a minimum to prevent overgrazing and fecal contamination of the pasture.

5. Use a large ground feeder for hay and grain rather than feeding on the ground.

6. Remove bot eggs quickly and regularly from the horse's hair coat and use a good
natural fly spray particularly on the horse's legs.

7. Use an Herbal wormer monthly for several days during a full moon cycle, to ensure that
the horse's immune system is maintained and balanced. Supplement with
Equine-Zyme on a regular basis.

8. Perform fecal exams, preferably quantitative, 3-4 times per year on all horses to determine
parasitic infestations loads. Chemically worm only if there is an indication of high egg counts and
consider using Ivermecterin once, followed by an Herbal Wormer to prevent re-infestation.
In my particular case, my horses are at home, fed premium hays grown in No. California, with no pesticides
or herbicides; their stalls, round pen, and turn outs are cleaned twice per day. They are fed 20 grams
of Equine-Zyme , receive Beta Glucan, Kelp and Colostrum in their grain rations daily.

I also give them a blend of other herbs, some of which are considered to be "Portmanteau" herbs,
meaning they have naturally occurring properties or active ingredients that can do more then one thing
when all their parts are used together (leaves, stems & roots), i.e. one part may be immune boosting while
another part may be anti-parasitic at the same time. My horses are only given a chemical wormer
(Ivermecterin) maybe once per year, usually in the fall once the weather starts to turn a little cooler
and preferably after a hard frost.

Prior to this they receive an herbal wormer for five days, during the full moon cycle.

Jessica Lynn is an author, researcher and founder of Earth Song Ranch, LLC, a licensed natural feed
and supplement manufacturer and distributor based in Southern California. She works with a team of
consultants when she designs and tests formulas, especially for specific disorders. Jessica has been
involved in alternative health care for almost 45 years, not only for herself, and her family, but also for
her animals, including horses, border collies and cats. She resides in San Diego County, with her
Arabian Horses, puppy pals and feline friends.


The information provided within this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a
substitute for advice from a veterinarian or other health care professional, and should not be used for
diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or for prescription of any medication or other treatment.
A health care professional should be consulted before starting any diet or supplementation program, before
administering any medication, or if your horse has a health problem. Do not discontinue any other
medical treatments without first consulting your health care professional.

ESR Herbal Stable Blend

Back by popular demand for my local clients which I have been offering for several years, and now available on my web site, is a blend of dried herbs, all beneficial, and a great treat for the Insulin Resistant or Cushing’s Horse, or a treat for horses on limited grazing. This is a blend of dried herbs and flowers that your horse will love when added to his bucket feed.

It contains Lemon Balm, Rose petals, yarrow, hisbiscus and chamomile flowers, peppermint and spearmint leaf, hawthorne, meadow sweet, queen of the meadow, parsley, nettle, and dandelion leaf.

Please feed by the hand full. Comes in clear zip lock bags in 8 oz and 1# sizes.

Item No. 8 oz ESR Herbal Stable Blend

Item No. 1 lb. ESR Herbal Stable Blend

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